Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hughes Network Systems Demonstrates Rural Satellite Broadband Capabilities

According to iTWire, Hughes Network Systems claims to have demonstrated a 16 Mbps link to a HN9400 Ka-/Ku-band broadband satellite terminal using satellite in Australia. In doing so, they have demonstrated that their satellite terminal is capable of supporting web browsing, streaming video, voice and videoconferencing applications simultaneously.

According to Hughes "The live demonstrations featured aggregate satellite Internet usage of 16Mbps and in addition, included simultaneous downloading from the Web of video clips, photos, software updates, and music; downloading streaming movies; VoIP; and point-to-point video conferencing - all delivered over the HN9400, a high-capacity, dual Ka-/Ku-band satellite platform."

Hughes is believed to be one of the companies that are competing to with the NBNCo contract to build and launch two Ka band geostationary satellites to provide broadband to the bush, and earlier this year opened an Australian Subsidiary.

It is believed that more will be known about the Satellite tender within the next few weeks.

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