Thursday, November 25, 2010

Australian Space Research Program Round 3 Winners Announced

Round 3 winners for the Australian Space Research Program have been announced on the 25th of November 2010. This rounds grants have seen 3 winners, one in Stream A - Space Education Development, and two in Space Science and Innovation, sharing $9 Million in funding.

For Stream A, a consortium led by Flinders University that includes the South Australian Department of Education and Children’s Services, the South Australian Museum, the Northern Advanced Manufacturing Industry Group, and Education Services Australia, will undertake a project called "Place and Space: Perspective in Earth Observations". The project, which will receive $950,753, will train 40 teachers in earth observation sciences, and assist over 400 secondary students undertake research projects in space-related topics.

The Second project, which will be led by Lockheed Martin Australia, and includes ANU National Computation Infrastructure, Geoscience Australia, Victoria Partnership for Advanced Computing Ltd, and the CRC for Spatial Information, is titled "Unlocking the LANDSAT Archive for Future Challenges". With funding of $3,472,965, the project will enhance Earth Observation ground based infrastructure, to enable ongoing processing of the national LANDSAT archive. It also hopes to make satellite imagery based environment data in a form usable by researchers, policy makers and private sector.

The Final Project will be led by the University of South Australia, and includes EMS Satcom Pacivfic Pty Ltd, COM DEV International Ltd, DSTO, Sage Automation, CSIRO and the Australian Institute of Marine Science. The project, which will receive $4,998,996 funding, will allow the transmission of data from field instruments to researchers live via satellite, by developing and demonstrating a space-ready comunications payload and complete ground system for use in marine monitoring, defence sensor monitoring and industrial automation scenarios.

For further information, head over to the website or direct to the detail here. This takes the total awarded under the ASRP to $34,222,727 with 11 projects funded so far.

Congratulations to all involved!

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