Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Australia – US Space Situational Awareness Partnership Statement of Principles

Following on from last the recent agreements between Australia and the United States of America, here is the text for the Statement of Principles. (Source: Minister for Defence website)

Statement of Principles
  • The Space Situational Awareness Partnership builds on the long history of close defense space cooperation between Australia and the United States that has formed a cornerstone of our alliance for over four decades.
  • Our two Governments will work together in the spirit of cooperation on the space situational awareness partnership for the mutual benefit of our countries’ national security.
  • Recognizing the importance of space situational awareness to protect our national interests, and support global peace and security, Australia and the United States will investigate the potential for jointly establishing and operating space situational awareness facilities in Australia to support the United States space surveillance network and to support the development of Australia’s space situational awareness and mission assurance capability.
  • Understanding the vital role of space surveillance to protect our countries’ national interests, Australia and the United States will share the necessary space situational awareness information and technical data, and recognize each country’s space situational awareness priorities.
  • In making use of the space situational awareness joint facilities, each government will respect the sovereignty and respective laws of the other.
  • In recognition of Australian sovereignty, the contemplated space situational awareness joint facilities will operate in a manner that ensures the Australian Government has full knowledge of, and concurs with, any activities being undertaken in, through or from Australian territory.
  • In the construction and operation of any space situational awareness joint facility, each Government will comply with its relevant laws and regulations.
  • This statement of principles will form the basis for establishing the space situational awareness partnership and our nations’ expanded defense space cooperation activities.
For Australia                                                                                For the United States
The Hon Stephen Smith                                                                  Dr. Robert M. Gates
Minister for Defence                                                  United States Secretary of Defense

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