Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Aussies team up to test beer in Space

Well, it wasn't long until we saw Australia back in the Space game, but perhaps this wasn't the way most people were expecting. Perhaps for Australians, it was exactly what everyone was expecting!

4-Pines Brewing Company and Saber Astronautics Australia are teaming up to test the worlds first beer to be certified for drinking in space. The beer is "a recipe designed for easy drinking in both in microgravity and on Earth." It is intended to meet potential demand within the future space tourism market.

The team has selected Astronauts4Hire - a non-profit corporation who hires out members to undertake research in sub-orbital flights, to perform a series of research on the new beer, and in this case they will use parabolic flights from the ZERO-G Corporation beginning in November 2010.

Despite the fun looking mission, the researchers from Astronauts4Hire will be tasting the beer during weightless parabola flights, recording both qualitative data on beverage taste and drinkability and biometric data on body temperature, heart rate, and blood alcohol content.

Have one for me guys!

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