Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Andy Thomas supports the Australian / New Zealand SKA bid

The WA today is reporting that Andy Thomas has thrown his support behind the Australia and New Zealand Bid for the Square Kilometer Array Project.

As reported in my post - Dr Andy Thomas is Down Under, as part of his tour around Australia, Dr Thomas said "It is going to be one of the premier engineering projects of Australia's history".

Given the infrastructure needed, with major upgrades of computing centers, network backbones and major inflow of world leading Astronomers, it is likely to be one of, if not the most important engineering facility in Australia. It will also provide major links to our New Zealand friends, and further our ever improving national ties.

Dr Thomas is quoted as saying: "That's going to bring in a fusion of technology, resources and skills into this country which are going to be unmatched and it's going to be a source of profound inspiration to young people to see the great things happening out there, the great discoveries being made, and be part of it."

Well, at Space Boomerang, I'm squarely behind the ANZ SKA bid too. Astronomy has a strong and successful history in Australia, and it is one area of the space domain that we can proudly claim to be punching above our weight.

The decision is shaping up as a truly important one, not just for Astronomy and Science in Australia, but for the country as a whole.

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