Monday, May 10, 2010

Round 2 Applications for the Australian Space Research Program has closed

The Space Policy Unit has officially closed applications for round 2 of the Australian Space Research program. If it was as successful as Round 1, we should see some good competition, and even better projects funded for the Australian Space sector. No doubt many of those who missed out on grant money in round 1 will have re-entered in round 2. Round 2 is expected to be announced in July 2010, with Round 3 applications open from Aug/Sept 2010.

The Space Policy Unit has also released some guidance to applicants for the Australian Space Research Program which can be found here. In this presentation the Space Policy Unit highlights that 32 applications were received as part of Round 1, 12 within Stream A, and 20 within Stream B. Given only 1 Stream A and 3 Stream B projects were funded, this highlights just how competitive Round 1 was.

The Space Policy Unit has also identified that the Australian National Space Policy will be read by the end of 2010, perhaps a little behind expectations, but given they’re starting from the ground up, they’ll have a lot of work to do.

I also note that they’ve put 2013 as the end date for the Australian Space Research Program Funding. Lets hope this is because it will be replaced as part of an overall Australian National Space Policy, rather than just scrapped, without any thought, and destroying the gains made so far.

For further information on the Australian Space Research Program, head here.

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