Wednesday, May 19, 2010

NBN study recommends satellites used for solution

The recent NBN implementation study which can be found here has supported the use of satellite broadband coverage to the most remote populations within Australia as the most cost effective method for the last few percentiles of Australia’s population.

The study states:

“The Implementation Study therefore recommends that NBN Co deploy two Ka-band satellites with the ability to cover the 7 percent of premises outside the fibre footprint and provisioned for up to 350,000 activated premises with sufficient throughput to enable a substantial increase in average data rates from today”

NBN Co has recently been soliciting responses from the satellite industry for the supply of a Ka band satellite capability, involving two satellites. One would suggest that this recommendation will allow NBN Co to proceed to the next step and start a formal RFP sometime soon.

The use of Satellite to provided high speed broadband to remote Australia is a great example of how Australia can use Space technologies to provide cost effective solutions to everyday Australians. I hope as part of the NBN Co process we will also see some of the satellite development done in Australia.

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  1. Satellite truly is the solution to keep the last 3% of Australia's population connected to the internet. Thus, the NBN must double their work to impress their subscribers about the upcoming Ka band satellite.