Saturday, April 27, 2013

Retiring the Space Boomerang Blog

Dear Blogosphere,

I've decided to hang up my blogging boots.

I have enjoyed writing about the Australian Space Industry over the last three and a half years, but life has got in the way of blogging, and with the recent release of the Australian Space Policy, it is a good time for me to wind things up.

I originally started this blog to stay in touch with the industry while I was working overseas. I also realised that there was a lack of social commentary about the Australian Space Industry, that didn't involve people who just wanted Australia to land an astronaut on the moon. In the mean time, the Australian Space Industry has come forward in leaps and bounds, and there is now a strong, and growing community, supported by Australia's first true space policy.

Some interesting facts about this Blog:
  1. It has had around 45,000 hits over its time, and gets around 2,000 a month at the moment.
  2. The most popular blog post, was this one on Australia's Space Needs: Bushfire Detection and Mapping. Surprisingly, it was three times greater in hits than any other post I've written!
  3. During the blog I've had the pleasure of being contacted my countless numbers of people within the Space Industry in Australia, as well as a number of people from overseas.
  4. When I started the blog back in February 2010, the Australian Space Research Program was just kicking off, and an Australian Space Policy was the start of a work in progress. Both are now completed, and very successful. 
  5. The countries where I received the most hits from (in order) were - the United States, Australia, Russia, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Ukraine, Canada, Slovenia and India.
For those of you who have contacted me, commented to me, tweeted with me, or just shown a keen interest in what I've had to say, I thank you. 

For those who still want to contact me, I'll be keeping the address open for a while. I'll also keep the blog live as a record of Australian Space activities over these years.

Thanks for stopping by and reading Space Boomerang, and I hope that you've learnt as much as I have over these years.

Space Boomerang


  1. Wow, I for one will miss your posts and knowledge. I look forward to staying in touch personally and wish you all the best in the future. I will certainly miss the space boomerang and I distributed the link extensively.

  2. I will second Robert's comments. I don't know you and only stumbled on this around 12 months ago but have enjoyed immensely. I assume you work in the space industry, good luck and best wishes!

  3. It's been a pleasure reading your work over the past few years. A tremendous service of the australian space community. Best wishes for an enjoyable 'retirement'!

  4. Like the other posts here, I will also miss your insights and commentary.

    We need one or two blogs like this in every country keep updated and move forward at the national and international level.