Monday, September 10, 2012

Dr Phil Diamond to head SKA

Dr Phil Diamond, chief of astronomy and space science for CSIRO has recently been appointed directory general of the of the Square Kilometre Array Organisation, who is overseeing the construction and operation of the SKA facility.

Dr Phil Diamond (Photo: CSIRO)

Dr Diamond has been working with the SKA project since early 2000, and has an intimate knowledge of the  proposed facility and its journey so far, particularly through his involvement with ASKAP. He is also one of Australia's leading astronomers, with over 30 years of radio astronomy behind him, having led both the Jordell Bank Centre for Astrophysics in the UK and the CSIRO astronomy and space science division in Australia.

The $1.5 Billion facility will be built across sites in both Australia and Southern Africa, with detailed design currently under way, and full construction commencing in 2015.

Congratulations Dr Diamond!

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