Friday, May 25, 2012

Australia and South Africa jointly awarded SKA Telescope

In a widely expected, but somewhat controversial decision, the Square Kilometer Array facility has been awarded to both Australia and South Africa.

It is understood that Australia / New Zealand have been awarded the low frequency component for the SKA, whereas South Africa has been awarded the mid frequency component.

The press release states:

"The majority of SKA dishes in Phase 1 will be built in South Africa, combined with MeerKAT. Further SKA dishes will be added to the ASKAP array in Australia. All the dishes and the mid frequency aperture arrays for Phase II of the SKA will be built in Southern Africa while the low frequency aperture array antennas for Phase I and II will be built in Australia."

Congratulations to all involved from both Australia and South Africa. Whilst I'm sure everyone would have wanted the whole facility, it is a great reward to two deserving sites.

For the full press release head here.

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