Sunday, December 18, 2011

Space Minister Kim Carr Gone in Ministerial Shake-up

In the December 12 Ministerial shake-up of the Gillard Government, Space Minister Kim Carr has been moved from the Minister for Innovation (and in charge of the Space Policy Unit) to the Minister for Manufacturing and Defence Materiel.

In his time as Minister for Space, Australia has seen a transformation in the space landscape, and has seen a dramatic growth and increased interested over this period. Moreover, from all reports, Minister Carr was well respected within the Space Community, and showed a genuine interest and understanding of the topic.

It is understood that Minister Greg Combet will take over the responsibility for Minister for Industry and Innovation, and with that, will be the responsibility for Space Activities in Australia.

Thank you Minister Carr for your success and contributions to the field of Space in Australia over the last four years.

We look forward to working with the new Minister for Space, Minister Combet!

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