Wednesday, October 20, 2010

NBNCo Satellite Details due out within a month

In what is seen as one of the biggest satellite contracts in Australia for several years, NBNCo has indicated that information about the upcoming NBNCo Satellites tender will be out within the next month.

Following the recent hung parliament, where broadband to the bush featured heavily in the independents decision to back the Gillard Labor Government, the satellite will form a key pillar of the NBNCo network - particularly to those who live beyond the economic reach of the planned fibre network.

Mike Quigley, CEO of the NBNCo, has recently told the Commsday conference in Melbourne, that the NBNCo corporate plan and business model will be provided to the government by the end of the week, who are likely to release selected information, including some costings and a roll-out timetable "in the near future".

As reported in my blog here, on July 14th this year, NBNCo announced  that they would be spending $1 Billion Australian to Build, Launch and Operate 2 Ka-Band Communications Satellites to service the needs of Australians who cannot cost effectively receive other communications services.

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