Saturday, July 17, 2010

Richard Marles MP checks on Hypersonics Progress

Parliamentary Secretary for Innovation and Industry Richard Marles MP visited The University of Queensland on July 14, to check on progress on the hypersonics program that was successful in receiving $5Million in funding through the 1st round of the Australian Space Research Program.

The program will include a scramjet flight experiment - called SCRAMSPACE I, travelling at Mach 8. The experiment is anticipated for late 2012. In addition, the University of Queensland will be testing different scramjet concepts at their hypersonic wind tunnel, right up to Mach 14.

The project consortium includes many of the worlds leading institutions in Hypersonics, including the Uni of Qld, Uni of Adelaide, Uni of NSW, Uni of Southern Qld, and the University of Minnesota.

Perhaps more importantly, the consortium also includes the Germany DLR, Japanese JAXA, Italian CIRA and Australia's DSTO, along with industry partners including Teakle Composites, AIMTEK and BAE Systems Australia.

Perhaps most importantly, the program will be training world class students in the hypersonics field, and cement Australia's position as one of the leading countries.

Good luck guys!

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