Saturday, June 26, 2010

Australian Government Space Website Launched

The Australian Government has launched its Space website – which can be found here.

The new website, besides looking dramatically better that the somewhat bland previous site has also had some new material added on it, such as the Hayabusa landing, as well as some more information about the Space Policy Unit and upcoming National Space Policy.

They’ve released a new flyer for the Space Industry Innovation Council and they have also created dedicated pages for Earth Observation, Satellite Communications, Position, Navigation and Timing, Global Navigation Satellite Systems and the Global Positioning System (GPS).

It seems entirely appropriate with all of these major developments going on in the Australian Space Industry, that the government website was improved. I hope they can now use this new website to post more news and information about the Australian Space Sector as it becomes available – I know I for one will be watching it closely.

Now at least we know who to call and where to go to speak to the Australian Government about Space – bravo Space Policy Unit!

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