Thursday, March 4, 2010

ASKAP recieves first signals

CSIRO has announced that the first antenna for the ASKAP project has received its first light, or radio waves as the case may be.

The first of the 36 dishes was tested with satellite signals during its holography process to measure the shape after construction. The folks at CSIRO along with their contractors have been working hard to assemble the first dish over summer, out in the soaring temperatures at the "Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory" in the middle of nowhere in the Western Australian outback.

The test results show that the antenna is working beautifully, beyond specifications." CSIRO ASKAP Project Director Dr David DeBoer said.

Not bad for the new 3-axis design that they've been working on for ASKAP.

Some clearly good signs for Australia's chances of hosting the full SKA facility.

ASKAP Antenna Number 1. (Photo : CSIRO)

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